The majestic beauty of Washington state was the backdrop for my formative years. The natural splendor helped to motivate my work as a young adult, where I renovated houses and designed gardens. Throughout my life I have also enjoyed living in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois, although it was at The New York School of Interior Design where I further cultivated my artistic aesthetic and love for the arts. My personal homes and gardens have always served as an outlet to translate my unique visions through the use of natural materials, French design elements, English cottage design, and modern art. The juxtaposition of varied textures and colors invokes a calm, yet inspiring, environment—perfect for both living and creating.

    My home renovations and gardening experiences aided in my growth as an artist, as my style is organic and graceful, while highlighted by whimsy. My gardening background can be seen most prominently in my landscape and garden oil paintings, which portray a revitalizing view of the natural world by blending impressionist elements with dramatic color.

   My paintings have graced the cover of Arts & Leisure magazine in December 30, 2004 and “Palouse Hills”, was on display in the United States Embassy in Cameroon U.S. Embassy Brochure. I also find discovering and showcasing new artists to be very rewarding, which led to the opening of the Batavia Art Gallery near Chicago in 2005. The gallery displayed my new and prior works, in addition to promoting the works of many other local artists.

    My mosaics also reflect my deep appreciation for the wonder and excitement of nature. They portray a passion for life, and a belief that the human spirit is transcendent. Color, light and beauty are central to all of my works, especially my mosaics. The interplay of external lighting, vibrant hues and the fragility of glass illuminate the exquisiteness of the subject while emphasizing the same in the mosaic’s surroundings. My public mosaics are showcased at Florida Botanical Gardens, the Bay Pines Veterans Hospital, and the University of South Florida Botanical Gardens. While creating mosaics is rewarding in itself, the most fulfilling part is seeing the enthusiasm of the volunteers who are also part of these projects. The mosaics serve to uplift people while bringing together the members of a community – a concept both significant and magical.