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   The Florida Botanical Gardens Foundation is proud to announce the installation of the children's art wall. It is located in the Palm garden on the south wall. The 28 8" squares were made by the 9 to 13 year old students at The Martin Luther King community center in Clearwater. Area artist Heather Anderson who designed and made Aquatic Reflections the mosaic that is covering the fountains in the wedding garden worked with the boys and girls to make the mosaics. Ms Anderson talked with the FBG Foundation and said I have all this left over glass what if I had kids make squares and could we display them in the FBG. There was a wall in the Palm Gardens that has been crying out for something. The kids were great to work with and they were so talented as everybody can see from their work. This exhibit will be up for a year and then they squares will be returned and a new children's exhibit will be installed.

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